Fedewa Wins as Records Fall at Toledo

By Mike Strevel

TOLEDO, Ohio (June 13, 2003) – T
he Auto Value/Bumper to Bumper Super Sprints visited the famous Toledo Speedway and taking his third win of the season was Leslie MI driver Tom Fedewa. The ultra-fast ½ mile oval was also the place where history was made, as Kevin Feeney of Oxford MI became the fastest driver ever in the long history of the track when he qualified at an amazing 12.958!

The day started with 26 AVSS checking into the pits at Toledo and after hotlaps it was time for Hamilton trucking qualifications. The ISMA supermodifieds had already qualified at a new record for them of 13.187. The question would be if the AVSS stars could qualify faster. This question was quickly answered when Litchfield MI driver Jason Blonde went an incredible 13.016. This looked to be a new track record until the last few cars readied for qualifying. The Terre Haute IN racer Kevin Newton went out and became the first ever racer to qualify in less than 13 seconds at an incredible 12.962. Then right after Newton Kevin Feeney went out and lowered the record again at a 12.958-second clip. This so impressed the giant Toledo crowd that they stood up and gave Feeney a standing ovation. The Toledo Speedway management was so impressed that they threw in an extra $100.00 to the $200.00 that Feeney earned in setting the record.

After that exciting moment it was time for the three eight lap heat races. Bill Jacoby won the United Trailers heat race, Newton took the Dowker Engines heat race and Blonde picked up the Wolverine Steel heat race. There was an unfortunate moment when leading rookie contender and local racer Brian Lay had his driveline break and he was unable to continue for the evening. The weather was getting very threatening and the management of Toledo are to be commended for canceling the B-Main and letting all 23 cars start the 30 lap feature.

The feature was quickly pushed off and the teams are to thanked for getting the cars ready for the feature in such a timely fashion. The feature was pushed off and the whole race was completed in less than 22 minutes. The front row was made up of Jeff Bloom and Chris Hayes and with rain all around the track the race was quickly started with fourth place starter T.Fedewa passing Hayes before the first lap was completed. The only caution was on lap 12 when Jason Blonde and Tim Angello made contact and Angello spun on the frontstretch. The feature was quickly restarted and the leader was not to be headed. The second place running Blonde tried on several occasions to close on Fedewa, but lapped traffic played apart in Blonde not being able to gain on Fedewa.

There were incredible battles throughout the field and the excited Toledo crowd didn’t know where to look next as the winged warriors of the AVSS fought at speeds nearing 150 miles per hour. The current AVSS points leader Fedewa was not to be stopped in taking his third feature win of the year. In victory lane he thanked Dowker Engines, car owner Mike Katz and the great Toledo Speedway management for promoting such a great show. The Leslie MI driver had much experience at the track in stockcars and it was his first open wheel win at the high banked half-mile.

The top ten finishers were T.Fedewa, Blonde, Newton, Hayes, Bloom, Ryan Katz, Jimmy McCune, Feeney, Dennis Craft and Hank Lower. The Suspension Spring Specialist driver of the race was Dennis Venia with a 12th place finish and Feeney won the Hamilton Trucking fast time award.

The Toledo Speedway staff is to be greatly thanked from Scott Schultz on down for hustling the show through on a threatening weather night. The Auto Value/Bumper to Bumper Super Sprints thank all the great fans that supported the race.


Qualifying- 1. 98 Kevin Feeney 12.958(NTR) 2. 99 Kevin Newton 12.962 3. 55 Jason Blonde 13.016 4. 37 Hank Lower 13.218 5. 20 Tom Fedewa 13.515 6. 35 Ryan Katz 13.532 7. 11 Chris Hayes 13.641 8. 45 Brian Lay 13.652 9. 26 Jeff Bloom 13.654 10. 24 Bill Tyler 13.741 11.33 Jay Rohrback 13.803 12. 19 Jimmy McCune 13.871 13. 44J Bill Jacoby 13.876 14. 71 Curt Shumaker 13.889 15. 14 Dave Baumgartner 13.951 16. 70 Dennis Craft 13.967 17. JB Johnboy Hotchkiss 13.976 18. 11 Dennis Venia 14.219 19. 42 Gary Fedewa 14.346 20. 27 Rick Toncray 14.361 21. 2 Tim Angello 14.378 22. 4 Troy Underwood 14.447 23. 29 Butch Schroeder 14.552 24. 66 Doug Stepke 14.692 25. 69 Tracy Rice 14.905 26. 82 Travis Miniea N.T.

Heat Results United Trailers Heat- 1. Jacoby 2. Craft 3. Hayes 4. Feeney 5. Lower 6. Tyler 7. G.Fedewa 8. Underwood 9. Rice

Dowker Engines Heat- 1. Newton 2. T.Fedewa 3. Shumaker 4. Hotchkiss 5. Rohrback 6. Schroeder 7. Toncray 8. Lay

Wolverine Steel Heat-1. Blonde 2. McCune 3. Venia 4. Bloom 5. Katz 6. Angello 7. Baumgartner 8. Stepke

Feature- 1. T.Fedewa 2. Blonde 3. Newton 4.Hayes 5.Bloom 6.Katz 7.McCune 8.Feeney 9.Craft 10.Lower 11.Tyler 12.Venia 13.Shumaker 14.Jacoby 15. G.Fedewa 16. Schroeder 17.Angello 18.Toncray 19.Rohrback 20.Stepke 21.Hotchkiss 22.Underwood 23.Rice