Blonde Wins Again at the Baer

By Mike Strevel

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (June 21, 2003) –
The Baer Field Speedway in Fort Wayne IN was the host to the Auto Value/Bumper to Bumper Super Sprint Series Saturday night. The feature winner was Litchfield MI driver Jason Blonde winning his second race of the year both at the ½ mile Indiana oval.

The hot first day of summer started with 33 AVSS teams checking in to the pits and 31 cars attempted to qualify in Hamilton Trucking qualifications. It was Warsaw IN veteran Denny England fastest at 14.707. The 2002 driver’s champion Tim Cox was second at 14.735 and Blonde was third at 14.853.

The United Trailers heat race went to Kevin Newton, the Dowker Engines heat to Cox and Hank Lower captured the Wolverine Steel heat race. The 15 car B-Main was marred by a scary accident involving several cars including Columbus OH veteran driver Don Townsend. The driver of the Rebman Racing car made contact with another car fighting for a transfer position in the 12 lap race. His car sailed off the backstretch at nearly 100 miles per hour and actually flipped end over end. It came to a rest after hitting a tire barrier and the red flag was thrown to take care of the great driver. He was removed from the car on a stretcher and transported to Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne. As this story goes to press the reports were that he was alert, with a possible fractured cheekbone and collarbone. A more extensive report and a contact address and phone number will be posted this week on the AVSS website at

The transfer cars from the B-Main were Bill Tyler, Kevin Feeney, Jeff Bloom, Johnboy Hotchkiss and Doug Stepke. The Lane Automotive/Aeroquip provisional was awarded to Gary Fedewa.

The 21 cars were now set to run for 30 laps in front of the huge Hoosier crowd. The front row cars were Chris Hayes and Aaron Pierce to set the pace. In the 30-lap battle there were two quick cautions. There was one on lap 4 for Hotchkiss and one on lap seven for Stepke. They both were very minor and the race went green the rest of the way. It was Hayes taking the early lead and holding off Pierce until lap nine. Then it was the Muncie IN youngster taking the lead. When this was happening the sixth place-starting Blonde was picking off cars and closing on Pierce. A brilliant pass on lap 20 was all Blonde would need and he was off and hiding. There was some incredible action throughout the field and current points leader Tom Fedewa climbed from 12th to sixth.

The driver of the Jim Brown owned 55 car was very excited in victory lane and thanked his great crew and family. The Southwest Truck Service car was hooked up tonight and we worked hard for this one the nine-year driver was heard saying.

The top ten finishers were Blonde, Pierce, Hayes, Newton, Tyler, T.Fedewa, England, Brian Lay, Cox and Bill Jacoby. The Suspension Spring Specialist driver of the race was Chris Hayes and Blonde won the Sweet Manufacturing “Sweet move of the race award”. The AVSS would like to thank Tom Isch and the whole staff of Baer Field. The AVSS will return to Baer Field for the final time in 2003 on Saturday July 26. The AVSS next heads to Berlin Raceway in Marne MI on June 28. This huge summer celebration will have the best in winged sprint action, NASCAR driver Johnny Benson racing in a 75 lap late model race and two other classes of cars and fireworks to finish the night! The action begins at the legendary Grand Rapids area track with pit gates at 11, hot laps at 1,qualifying at 4 and racing at 7.


Qualifying 1. 84 Denny England 14.707 2. 40 Tim Cox 14.735 3. 55 Jason Blonde 14.853 4. JB Johnboy Hotchkiss 14.970 5. 45 Brian Lay 15.033 6. 77 Don Townsend 15.068 7. 99 Kevin Newton 15.080 8. 65 Danny Williams 15.110 9. 81 Aaron Pierce 15.151 10. 11 Chris Hayes 15.181 11. 24 Bill Tyler 15.199 12. 26 Jeff Bloom 15.207 13. 61 Jimmy McCune 15.237 14. 20 Tom Fedewa 15.243 15. 44J Bill Jacoby 15.252 16. 71 Curt Shumaker 15.298 17.4 Troy Underwood 15.344 18. 37 Hank Lower 15.36019. 35 Ryan Katz 15.361 20. 66 Doug Stepke 15.443 21. 42 Gary Fedewa 15.501 22. 70 Dennis Craft 15.555 23. 1R Doug Berryman 15.571 24. 6 John Batts 15.654 25. 98 Kevin Feeney 15.677 26. 11 Dennis Venia 15.716 27. 97 Ben Hidy 15.731 28. 8 Ryan Davis 15.810 29. 27 Rick Toncray 15.868 30. 69 Jerry Kelley 15.868 31. 17 Roger Anderson 16.093 32. 92 George Gustafson N.T. 33. 19 Dave Durnwald N.T.

United Trailers Heat 1. Newton 2. McCune 3. Shumaker 4. England 5. Hayes 6. Feeney 7. Hotchkiss 8. Katz 9.Craft 10. Anderson 11. Davis

Dowker Engines heat 2-1. Cox 2. T.Fedewa 3. Lay 4. Underwood 5. Venia 6. Toncray 7. Stepke 8. Berryman 9. Williams 10. Tyler

Wolverine Steel heat 3-1. Lower 2. Pierce 3. Blonde 4. Kelley 5. Jacoby 6. G.Fedewa 7. Townsend 8. Hidy 9. Bloom

B-main 5 transfer 1. Tyler 2. Feeney 3. Bloom 4. Hotchkiss 5. Stepke 6. Williams 7. G.Fedewa 8. Hidy 9. Toncray 10. Katz 11. Townsend 12. Berryman 13. Davis 14. Craft 15. Anderson

Amain 30 laps 1. Blonde 2. Pierce 3. Hayes 4. Newton 5. Tyler 6. T.Fedewa 7. England 8. Lay 9. Cox 10. Jacoby 11. Bloom 12. McCune 13. G.Fedewa 14. Shumaker 15. Stepke 16. Feeney 17. Lower 18. Kelley 19. Venia 20. Hotchkiss 21. Underwood