Three Peat for Fedewa at Auto City

By Mike Strevel

FLINT, Mich. (July 19, 2003) –
The Auto City Speedway in Flint MI hosted the Auto Value/Bumper to Bumper Super Sprint Series Saturday evening and taking his third straight feature win at the tricky 7/16 mile oval was Tom Fedewa of Leslie MI. The driver of the Katz Well Drilling 20 car was able to pass leader Hank Lower for the lead on lap 11 of the 30 lap feature and was not to be stopped.

The day started with 24 AVSS teams checking into the pits with Hamilton trucking qualifications first on the agenda. A great surprise when Johnboy Hotchkiss of Charlotte MI set the quick time with a 13.00 lap. This is just one tenth off the track record. It was second quick Curt Shumaker at 13.08 and Troy Underwood third at 13.21.

The United Trailers heat race went to Jason Blonde, the Dowker Engines heat went to Brian Lay and Chris Hayes took the Wolverine Steel heat race. The B-main was dropped in favor of all 22 cars starting the feature.

The field started the feature with Kevin Feeney and Hank Lower leading the field to the green. In front of a huge Auto City crowd it was Feeney taking the early lead. On lap five Shumaker looped his car bringing out the first caution. The restart was quickly slowed when on lap six Chris Hayes hit the front stretch wall hard with the left side of the car and the red flag was thrown to help Chris out of the car. He was shaken up and later the night was taken to the hospital for a check up.

The race restarted and other than a quick caution on lap 10 for Doug Stepke and Ryan Davis spinning the race was caution free the rest of the way. With Feeney leading the first five laps it was veteran Lower making his move on lap six passing Feeney and holding the lead for five laps before T.Fedewa made his move on lap 11. That was all it took for the current point leader to take off from the field and win his sixth AVSS feature of the year. In an incredible run from his 12th starting position it was Jason Blonde flying through the field to take second. He made several daring moves to take second including a three wide pass for second that stunned the Auto City crowd.

The Leslie MI driver Fedewa thanked Mike Katz and all of his great crew in victory lane and told the crowd that they have used the same car set up for all three races and don’t plan on changing it any time soon as the are three for three at Auto City this season. The top ten finishers were Tom Fedewa, Blonde, Lower, Jeff Bloom, Jimmy McCune, Feeney, Troy Underwood, Rick Baker, Hotchkiss and Gary Fedewa. The Suspension Spring Specialist Driver of the race was Underwood and Hotchkiss picked up the $100.00 from Hamilton Trucking for fast time.

The AVSS next appears at Baer Field Speedway in Fort Wayne IN on Saturday July 26. The pit gates open at 2, hot laps at 3, qualifying at 5 and racing at 7. This is the last appearance at Tom Isch’s fine facility this year for AVSS so don’t miss the great action on the ½ mile oval. The AVSS website is for more information.


Qualifying- 1. JB Johnboy Hotchkiss 13.00 2. 71 Curt Shumaker 13.08 3. 4 Troy Underwood 13.21 4. 44j Bill Jacoby 13.23 5. 20 Tom Fedewa 13.23 6. 26 Jeff Bloom 13.23 7. 37 Hank Lower 13.24 8. 98 Kevin Feeney 13.26 9. 61 Jimmy McCune 13.29 10. 4B Rick Baker 13.31 11. 33 Jay Rohrback 13.32 12. 11 Chris Hayes 13.34 13. 55 Jason Blonde 13.36 14. 42 Gary Fedewa 13.39 15. 24 Bill Tyler 13.41 16. 35 Ryan Katz 13.41 17. 45 Brian Lay 13.43 18. 66 Doug Stepke 13.55 19. 2 Tim Angello 13.64 20. 97 Ben Hidy 13.70 21. 27 Rick Toncray 13.79 22. 69 Ryan Davis 13.91 23. 99 Mike Katz (subing for Kevin Newton who was sick) N.T. 24. 70 Dennis Craft N.T.

United Trailers Heat- 1. Blonde 2. Katz 3. Lower 4. Baker 5. Hotchkiss 6. Jacoby 7. Davis 8. Angello

Dowker engines Heat- 1. Lay 2. Feeney 3. G.Fedewa 4. T.Fedewa 5. Shumaker 6. Hidy 7. M.Katz 8. Rohrback

Wolverine Steel Heat- 1. Hayes 2. McCune 3. Stepke 4. Tyler 5. Underwood 6. Bloom 7. Toncray

30 lap feature- 1. T.Fedewa 2. Blonde 3. Lower 4. Bloom 5. McCune 6. Feeney 7. Underwood 8. Baker 9. Hotchkiss 10. G.Fedewa 11. R.Katz 12. Lay 13. Jacoby 14. Tyler 15. Angello 16. Rohrback 17. Stepke 18. Shumaker 19. M.Katz 20. Davis 21. Toncray 22. Hayes