Tom Fedewa Scores Seventh Series Victory

By Mike Strevel

OVID, Mich. (August 2 2003) –
Tom Fedewa from Leslie, Michigan won Saturday night’s Auto Value Super Sprints feature at the Owosso Speedway in Ovid, Michigan. Fedewa’s seventh victory this season came by passing Dave Baumgartner on lap 16 and held off a late charge by Brian Lay. Fedewa was driving the Mike Katz owned Dowker chassis and engine sponsored by Katz Well Drilling, Gary Fields Comedy Club, and Allegra Printing.

“My middle daughter turned six yesterday, so this one is for her”, said Fedewa in victory lane. “This is amazing. (Owosso) is nice to win at because it is home. After breaking the first time here this place owed me one. I have to thank my guys, my car owner Mike Katz, all of these guys bust their tail all week. Without them I wouldn’t be here”.

Curt Shumaker and Dave Baumgartner were on the front row for the 30-lap feature event. Shumaker led the field into turn one when Bill Jacoby, Jerry Kelly and Dennis Venia tangled in turn four. Only Jacoby was able to restart.

The second start was successful with Shumaker and Baumgartner racing side by side into turn one. Shumaker led the field through the first and second corner, but Baumgartner put a slide job on Shumaker in turn four to claim the lead on lap one. The next lap Tom Fedewa used the opening as well to take the second position away from Shumaker in turn two. One lap later Brian Lay used his patented high line in turn two, moving up to the third position and set sail after Fedewa and Baumgartner.

While the first three cars pulled away Shumaker and fast qualifier Jason Blonde raced for the fourth position. Blonde tried the high side in turn four, but Shumaker was able to shut the door. One lap later though Blonde went to the high side in turn two and took away the fourth position.

Up front Fedewa ran down Baumgarter on lap seven. Two laps later Lay was pulled up to produce a three-car battle for the lead. Lay moved to the high side of Fedewa on lap nine, but could not make the pass. As the first three drivers battled, Jason Blonde started to close on the lead trio. On lap 16 Blonde got a run down low off of turn four, ducking his left front tire in the grass, to take away third from Lay. Lay countered by going to the high side running side by side. Lay reclaimed the position the position. Then on lap 15 Baumgartner slipped a little off tour four and allowed Fedewa to get under Baumgarter. Blonde and Lay also were racing side by side as the top four cars raced two by two all around the Speedway. Fedewa was able to outrun Baumgartner through turns three and four to take the lead.

Lay and Blonde continued to battle when on lap 19 Lay pulled an unbelievable move by passing Blonde on the high side of turn four, then diving low to pass Baumgartner while working lapped traffic for second in turn one. Lay then set sail for the Tom Fedewa.

Tom Fedewa had amassed a full straightaway lead, but Lay was chipping away at the margin each lap. By lap 28 Lay had the distance down to just four car lengths. As the duo came down for the white flag, Lay continued to close the gap using the high side of the track. Tom Fedewa was just too strong at the finish though as he took the victory over Lay, Blonde, Baumgartner, and Ryan Katz.

Blonde was the Hamilton Trucking fast qualifier award by setting a new track record of 12.848 seconds with an average speed of 105.075 mph. The lap was the fastest in the history of the 3/8-mile track at the Owosso Speedway. Tom Fedewa won the United Trailers heat. Jacoby won the Dowker Engines heat race, and Bill Tyler won the Wolverine Steel heat race. Kevin Newton won the “B” Feature.

Auto Value Super Sprints

Owosso Speedway, Ovid, MI

Saturday, August 2nd, 2003 Feature Program #14

Hamilton Trucking Qualifications: 1. Jason Blonde, Brown 55, 12.848 (NTR, 105.075 MPH); 2. Ryan Katz, Katz 35, 12.945; 3. Brian Lay, Lay 45, 13.159; 4. Tom Fedewa, Katz 20, 13.250; 5. Dave Baumgartner, Rapp 14, 13.312; 6. Curt Shumaker, Shumaker 71, 13.319; 7. Ryan Davis, Gustafson 8, 13.437; 8. Dennis Craft, Craft 70, 13.465; 9. Bill Tyler, Underwood 24, 13.466; 10. Jeff Bloom, Bloom 26, 13.480; 11. Kevin Feeney, Payne 33, 13.515; 12. Gary Fedewa, T&T 42, 13.517; 13. John Hotchkiss, Hotchkiss JB, 13.526; 14. Hank Lower, Lower 37, 13.539; 15. Tim Cox, Carman 61,13.542; 16. Jerry Kelly, Rice 69, 13.562; 17. Bill Jacoby, Rice 44J, 13.566; 18. Troy Underwood, Underwood 4, 13.837; 19. Kevin Newton, Stickney 99, 13.924; 20. Ben Hidy, Hidy 97, 13.953; 21. Dennis Venia, Venia 11, 13.960; 22. Rick Toncray, Toncray 27, 14.017; 23. George Gustafson, Gustafson 92, 14.603; 24. Mike Austraskus, Austrauskus 3A, 15.207; 25. Nick Landon, Landon 82, 15.777

First United TrailerHeat Race (8 laps): 1. Tom Fedewa (5), 2. John Hotchkiss (2), 3. Jason Blonde (6), 4. Jeff Bloom (3), 5. Ryan Davis (4), 6. Jerry Kelly (1), 7. Rick Toncray (8), 8. Nick Landon (9), 9. Kevin Newton (7) (First five finishers qualified for the “A” Feature)

Second Dowker Heat Race (8 laps): 1. Bill Jacoby (1), 2. Dave Baumgartner (5), 3. Kevin Feeney (3), 4. Ryan Katz (6), 5. George Gustafson (8), 6. Ben Hidy (7), 7. Hank Lower (2), 8. Dennis Craft (4) (First five finishers qualified for the “A” Feature)

Third Wolverine Steel Heat Race (8 laps): 1. Bill Tyler (4), 2. Brian Lay (6), 3. Gary Fedewa (3), 4. Tim Cox (2), 5. Troy Underwood (1), 6. Curt Shumaker (5), 7. Dennis Venia (7), 8. Mike Astruraskas (8) (First five finishers qualified for the “A” Feature)

“B” Feature (12 laps): 1. Kevin Newton (5), 2. Hank Lower (3), 3. Curt Shumaker (1), 4. Jerry Kelly (1), 5. Dennis Venia (7), 6. Nick Landon (10), 7. Rick Toncray (8), 8. Dennis Craft (2), 9. Ben Hidy (6) 10. Mike Austraskus (9) (First five finishers qualified for the “A” Feature)

“A” Feature (30 Laps): 1. Tom Fedewa (3), 2. Brian Lay (4), 3. Jason Blonde (6), 4. Dave Baumgartner (2), 5. Ryan Katz (5), 6. Curt Shumaker (1), 7. Jeff Bloom (9), 8. Kevin Newton (18), 9. Bill Tyler (8), 10. Gary Fedewa (11), 11. Tim Cox (14), 12. John Hotchkiss (12), 13. Troy Underwood (17), 14. Hank Lower (13), 15. Ryan Davis (7), 16. Bill Jacoby (16), 17. Kevin Feeney (10), 18. George Gustafson (20), 19. Rick Toncray (21), 20. Jerry Kelly (15), 21. Dennis Venia (19)

Lap Leaders: 1-15 Baumgartner, 16-30 Fedewa