Newton Wins After Dramatic Last Lap Pass at Kalamazoo

By Mike Strevel

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (August 9, 2003) –
Kevin Newton from Terre Haute, Indiana came away with his first feature win of the 2003 season with a turn one pass on the final lap to overtake race long leader Ryan Katz. “I did not want him (Katz) to see me. I knew I was faster, but it was a matter of picking the right time to get by him in lapped traffic.” Stated Newton in victory lane. “I tried once in turn three, but a lapped car took the low line away, and I thought that might be my last chance. Then I saw the white waving, and saw the opening under (Gary) Fedewa, and I took it. He gave me just enough room to get by! I really need to thank my car owners, Wayne and Todd Stickney. This win was for Harry Stickney who we just lost this last January.” NewCo Builders, Car Quest of Coldwater, Auto Trim Specialist, Z-Shocks, Harry’s Transmission, Girards Country Store, Classic Power Wash and Darrens Trucking are the sponsors on the Dynamite Chassis powered by Jones Racing Engines.

Katz would lead the field to the start of the 30-lap affair with Newton alongside. Katz would get the early jump, but Newton would follow close behind as the duo headed into turn one. The car on the early move was fast timer Jason Blonde who moved from his eighth starting spot into the fifth position on the opening lap. By lap three. The leaders had sorted themselves out, with Newton a close second to Katz, with Jeff Bloom, Tim Cox, Blonde, and Brian Lay all nose to tail. Katz quickly entered lapped traffic on lap eight, and Newton quickly closed the gap and was on the leaders tail as the duo diced through the lapped cars.

On lap 16, point leader Tom Fedewa pulled beside Dave Baumgartner for the seventh position, but Baumgartner would maintain the position. As the laps began to wind down, the race for the lead became more interesting as the top five cars of Katz, Newton, Bloom, Cox and Blonde were all together on the racetrack. Going in to turn three, Newton made a bid for the lead on the low side, but a lapped car would block the line, and keep Newton in the second position. At the same time, Bloom would try the high line around Newton coming out of turn four, but Newton disposed of the lapped car and held on to the position.

Coming down to the white flag, Katz moved high around a lapped car, and Newton saw an opening just wide enough to get the car through. As the three cars raced three wide through the second corner, Newton would get the bite on the back straight and pull ahead to take the lead. At the checkers, Newton would take the win in an amazing six minutes, and eight seconds. Katz would come home second, less and a half-second behind the race winner. “I knew he (Newton) was there.” Stated a dejected Ryan Katz. “The car was loose, but when I moved the wing back, it would get tight, and I had to fight the car, then get the wing moved back forward. I was just going to have to race with the loose car, and hope to hold on. We will come back at Auto City, and see if we can get a win there.”

Bloom would finish third with Cox and Blonde in the top five. Baumgartner, Tom Fedewa, Jimmy McCune, Troy Underwood, and Bill Tyler would round out the top ten. Jason Blonde was the Hamilton Trucking Fast Time award winner with a blistering 11.011 seconds, or 122.605 miles per hour on the 3/8 mile high banks. Dave Baumgartner took the Untied Trailer heat race, with Curt Schumaker winning the Dowker Racing Engine heat. 2002 AVSS Champion Tim Cox won the Wolverine Steel heat race with a move that took him from sixth to first on the very first lap. Kevin Feeney, driving the Arthur Payne owned number 33 took the win in the B-main to earn a starting spot in the 30-lap feature event. Up next for the stars and cars of the Auto Value Bumper to Bumper Super Sprint series will be another visit to the ultra fast 7/16 mile of Auto City Speedway on August 23rd. For more information, log on to the official AVSS web site at

25 Cars

Hamilton Trucking Time Trials: 1) 55 Jason Blonde 11.011 (122.605mph) 2) 20 Tommy Fedewa 11.085 3) 40 Tim Cox (11.091 4) 45 Brian Lay 11.094 5) 26 Jeff Bloom 11.206 6) 4 Troy Underwood 11.214 7) 99 Kevin Newton 11.233 8) 35 Ryan Katz 11.297 9) 24 Bill Tyler 11.302 10) 14 Dave Baumgartner 11.343 11) 33 Kevin Feeney 11.363 12) 61 Jimmy McCune 11.386 13) 82 Nick Landon 11.417 14) 71 Curt Schumaker 11.494 15) JB Johnboy Hotchkiss 11.512 16) 37 Hank Lower 11.521 17) 42 Gary Fedewa 11.627 18) 44J Dennis Craft 11.646 19) 11v Dennis Venia 11.654 20) 8 Ryan Davis 11.703 21) 27 Rick Toncray 11.769 22) 3 Mike Astrauskas 11.945 23) 92 George Gustafson 24) 69 Doug Stepke 12.038 25) 11 Jim Swain 12.321

United Trailer Heat Race One, 8 Laps, Five Transfer to A-main: (1:46.771) 1) 14 Dave Baumgartner 2) 45 Brian Lay 3) 37 Hank Lower 4) 99 Kevin Newton 5) 55 Jason Blonde 6) 82 Nick Landon 7) 11v Dennis Venia 8) 11 Jim Swain 9) 3a Mike Astrauskas

Dowker Racing Engine Heat Race Two: (No Time) 1) 71 Curt Schumaker 2) 20 Tom Fedewa 3) 42 Gary Fedewa 4) 26 Jeff Bloom 5) 35 Ryan Katz 6) 33 Kevin Feeney 7) 92 George Gustafson 8) 8 Ryan Davis

Wolverine Steel Heat Race Three: (No time) 1) 40 Tim Cox 2) 61 Jimmy McCune 3) 24 Bill Tyler 4) JB Johnboy Hotchkiss 5) 4 Troy Underwood 6) 69 Doug Stepke 7) 44J Dennis Craft 8) 27 Rick Toncray

B-Main, 12 Laps, Top 5 to A-main: (No Time) 1) 33 Kevin Feeney 2) 82 Nick Landon 3) 44j Dennis Craft 4) 11v Dennis Venia 5) 8 Ryan Davis 6) 69 Doug Stepke 7) 11s Jim Swain 8) 92 George Gustafson 9) 27 Rick Toncray 10) 31 Mike Astrauskas

A-Main, 30 Laps: (6:08.086) 1) 99 Kevin Newton 2) 35 Ryan Katz 3) 26 Jeff Bloom 4) 40 Tim Cox 5) 55 Jason Blonde 6) 14 Dave Baumgartner 7) 20 Tom Fedewa 8) 61 Jimmy McCune 9) 4 Troy Underwood 10) 24 Bill Tyler 11) 33 Kevin Feeney 12) 45 Brian Lay 13) 42 Gary Fedewa 14) 37 Hank Lower 15) JB Johnboy Hotchkiss 16) 44J Dennis Craft 17) 82 Nick Landon 18) 11 Dennis Venia 19) 69 Doug Stepke 20) 8 Ryan Davis 21) 71 Curt Schumaker

Lap Leaders: Ryan Katz 1-29, Kevin Newton 30

Hamilton Trucking Fast Time Award: Jason Blonde 11.011 (122.605 mph)

Sweet Manufacturing Award: Ryan Katz

Suspension Spring Specialist Driver of the Race: Tim Cox

Auto Value Super Sprints Hard Charger: Dave Baumgartner

Lane Automotive/ Aeroquip Provisional Starter: Doug Stepke