Fedewa Scores Ninth Main Event Trophy

By Mike Strevel

ANGOLA, Ind. (September 5, 2003) –
The Angola Speedway in Angola In rescheduled the Auto Value/Bumper to Bumper Super Sprint Series for Friday night September fifth and Tom Fedewa of Leslie MI is glad they did. The driver of the Mike Katz owned 20 car passed early leader Rick Baker and cruised to his ninth feature win in 18 AVSS events.

The day started with 27 AVSS teams checking into the crowded pit area at Angola and in hot laps it was evident that from practice times someone would break the track record. In Hamilton Trucking qualifications it was Tom Fedewa out first and he did break his track record at the fast 3/8 mile oval at 12.244, however this would end up only fourth fastest as Dave Baumgartner of Ottawa Lake MI shattered the record at a blazing 12.179 when the old mark was 12.395. It was Hank Lower second quick at 12.192 and Kevin Newton third at 12.203.

The United Trailer heat race was taken by Jeff Bloom, the Dowker Engines heat went to Johnboy Hotchkiss and Ron Koehler snared the Wolverine Steel heat win. The 12 lap B-main went to Baumgartner over Newton, Bill Tyler, Mark Tarlton and E J Calloway in his first ever AVSS start in Marv Carman’s car. The Lane Automotive/Aeroquip provisional went to Gary Fedewa.

The inversion for the feature was eight so this placed Rick Baker and Jason Blonde on the front row. The traditional AVSS three wide salute to the fans was cheered loudly and then it was time to get down to business. There were three early cautions, one on lap two for a spinning Tyler, one on lap seven for Calloway’s accident and then a red flag on lap eight for the collision between Jimmy McCune and Lower. The clean up for Lower’s car took some time so the red flag was needed. The drivers were both fine, but the cars will need heavy repairs. The race restarted and went green the rest of the way.

The pass for the lead was on lap 14 as Fedewa made a brilliant pass to the high side of Baker’s car and ran from the field. The great run was eighth place starting Baumgartner who was able to move all the way up to second before the checkered was thrown. The very happy driver took the Angola feature win for the second consecutive year and now has taken half of the AVSS feature wins in 2003. He thanked his great crew and Allegra Printing and Katz Well Drilling. The top ten were T.Fedewa, Baumgartner, Brian Lay, Baker, Blonde, Kevin Feeney, Newton, Curt Shumaker, Bloom and Troy Underwood. The Suspension Spring Specialist driver of the race was Kevin Feeney and Baumgartner received $200.00 for fast time and a new track record.

The staff of AVSS and all the teams want to thank Dick Poe for rescheduling the race and the great hospitality. The AVSS website is www.supersprints.com for more information.

Qualifying Angola 9-5-2003

1. 14 Dave Baumgartner 12.179(NTR) 2. 37 Hank Lower 12.192 3. 99 Kevin Newton 12.203 4. 20 Tom Fedewa 12.244 5. 45 Brian Lay 12.368 6. 61 Jimmy McCune 12.377 7. 55 Jason Blonde 12.464 8. 4b Rick Baker 12.495 9. 35 Ryan Katz 12.501 10. 33 Kevin Feeney 12.506 11. 65 Danny Williams jr 12.507 12. 11 Curt Shumaker 12.514 13. 26 Jeff Bloom 12.546 14. JB Johnboy Hotchkiss 12.568 15. 10k Ron Koehler 12.602 16. 4 Troy Underwood 12.630 17. 61ej E J Calloway 12.680 18. 11v Dennis Venia 12.745 19. 9 Mark Tarlton 12.768 20. 44j Bill Tyler 12.792 21. 42 Gary Fedewa 12.936 22. 69 Tracy Rice 12.941 23. 82 Nick Landon 13.063 24. 14D Dave Lawrence 13.175 25. 35k Ed Kenens 13.934 26. 40s Doug Stepke 17.055 27. 40b Daryl Smith N.T.

Heat 1- 1. Bloom 2.T.Fedewa 3. Underwood 4. Feeney 5. Blonde 6. Baumgartner 7. Tarlton 8. Rice 9. Kenens

Heat 2- 1. Hotchkiss 2. Lower 3. Baker 4. Williams 5. Lay 6. Calloway 7. Tyler 8. Landon

Heat 3- 1. Koehler 2. McCune 3. Shumaker 4. Venia 5. Katz 6. G.Fedewa 7. Lawrence 8. Newton

B-Main – 1. Baumgartner 2. Newton 3. Tyler 4, Tarlton 5. Calloway 6. G.Fedewa 7. Landon 8. Smith 9. Kenens 10. Rice 11. Stepke

A-Main- 1. T.Fedewa 2. Baumgartner 3.Lay 4. Baker 5. Blonde 6. Feeney 7. Newton 8. Shumaker 9. Bloom 10. Underwood 11. Katz 12. Hotchkiss 13. Koehler 14. G.Fedewa 15. Williams 16. Tyler 17. Tarlton 18. Venia 19. McCune 20.Lower 21. Calloway