Fedewa Hits Double Digits at Dixie

By Mike Strevel

BIRCH RUN, Mich. (September 12, 2003) –
The Dixie Speedway in Birch Run MI hosted the second to last Auto Value/Bumper to Bumper Super Sprint Series race of the season Friday evening and taking his tenth feature win of the year was Leslie MI driver Tom Fedewa.

The beautiful afternoon started with 25 AVSS teams checking into the Dixie pit area. The question was going to be who would be the first driver into the 12-second bracket during Hamilton Trucking qualifications. The first to make history at the newly paved 4/10 mile oval would be Tom Fedewa with a blazing 12.983. This lap however would end up only third fastest as Kevin Newton went out last and ran a 12.922. The world record holder however turned out to be Bangor MI driver Jeff Bloom who blew away the gigantic Dixie crowd with a 12.780. An average speed of over 113 miles per hour! This was worth $200.00 to Bloom from Hamilton Trucking.

The heats were next and taking the United Trailers heat race went to Chris Hayes, Ryan Katz picked up the Dowker Engines heat and Troy Underwood got the Wolverine Steel heat race honors.

The 12 lap B-main went to Jason Blonde over Tim Cox, Curt Shumaker, Mike Astrauskas and George Gustafson. The Lane Automotive/Aeroquip provisional was awarded to Tracy Rice.

The inversion for the 21-car feature was eight, so this placed Katz and Kevin Feeney on the front row. The standing room only crowd shouted its approval of the AVSS three wide salute and then it was time to finish the season at the Dixie Speedway. The early leader was Feeney as Katz tried several times to find a way around the Oxford MI driver. There were only two cautions. The first was on lap 11 when George Gustafson spun out on the backstretch. The restart had Feeney still on the point and coming up from sixth was Fedewa who was pressuring his teammate Katz and finally got by Katz and set his sights on Feeney.

An unbelievable piece of bad racing luck as the right rear tire went down on Feeney’s car on lap 18. The tire went down coming out of turn four and Feeney slapped the front stretch wall ending his lead and evening. The second place running Fedewa then inherited the lead and eventual victory. The win was hard earned as seventh place starting Newton had worked his way up to the runner up position and tried his best to work around Fedewa. The race was over in less then 15 minutes and Tom Fedewa had his tenth feature win of the season in 20 AVSS events in 2003. The driver of the Katz Well Drilling, Allegra Printing, Gymer Chiropractic 20 machine thanked his hard working team and car owner Mike Katz.

The top ten finishers were T.Fedewa, Newton, Katz, Jason Blonde, Brian Lay, Bloom, Dave Baumgartner, Bill Tyler and Troy Underwood. The Suspension Spring Specialist driver of the race was Bill Tyler. The staff of AVSS would like to thank Mike and Krista Kern of Dixie Speedway for two great races at the awesome new facility they have put together. The AVSS looks forward to a long relationship with the greatly improved 4/10 oval. The final AVSS of the 2003 season is Sunday September 28 at the Baer Field Speedway in Fort Wayne IN. The races begin with an optional practice on Saturday from 12-8. The show on Sunday starts with pit gates at 7, practice starts at 8, qualifying at 11 and racing at 2CST. The 2003 national champion and 2003 Owens Petroleum rookie of the year will be crowned at the Tom Isch promoted half-mile track. The AVSS website is www.supersprints for more information.


Qualifying- 1. 26 Jeff Bloom 12.780(NTR) 2. 99 Kevin Newton 12.922 3. 20 Tom Fedewa 12.983 4. 55 Jason Blonde 13.077 5. 45 Brian lay 13.083 6. 40 Tim Cox 13.092 7. 33 Kevin Feeney 13.132 8. 35 Ryan Katz 13.136 9. 37 Hank Lower 13.183 10. 44j Bill Tyler 13.185 11. 14 Dave Baumgartner 13.234 12. 42 Gary Fedewa 13.262 13. 61 Curt Shumaker 13.272 14. 61f Tom Fedorczyk 13.298 15. 4 Troy Underwood 13.319 16. 11 Chris Hayes 13.343 17. 3A Mike Astrauskas 13.373 18. 70 Dennis Craft 13.441 19. JB Johnboy Hotchkiss 13.454 20. 96 Jimmy McCune 13.603 21. 92 George Gustafson 13.620 22. 8 Ryan Davis 13.685 23. 69 Tracy Rice 14.138 24. 61b Donnie Brest 14.182 25. 90 Patrick Stewart 14.478

United Trailers heat-1.Hayes 2.Bloom 3.Tyler 4.Feeney 5.Hotchkiss 6.Davis 7.Blonde

Dowker Engines heat-1. Katz 2.Fedorczyk 3. Baumgartner 4.Newton 5.Lay 6. Astrauskas 7.Rice 8. Stewart

Wolverine Steel heat-1.Underwood 2.Lower 3.T.Fedewa 4.G.Fedewa 5.Craft 6.Cox 7.Brest 8.Gustafson

B-Main- 1.Blonde 2. Cox 3. Shumaker 4. Astrauskas 5. Gustafson 6. Brest 7. Davis 8. Stewart 9. Rice

A-Main 1. T.Fedewa 2. Newton 3. Katz 4. Blonde 5. Lay 6. Bloom 7. G.Fedewa 8. Baumgartner 9. Tyler 10. Underwood 11. Shumaker 12. Lower 13. Cox 14. Fedorczyk 15. Hotchkiss 16. Hayes 17. Feeney 18. Craft 19. Gustafson 20. Rice 21. Astrauskas