Season Finale to Gary Fedewa at Baer Field

By Mike Strevel

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (October 11, 2003) –
The Auto Value/Bumper to Bumper Super Sprint Series wrapped up its 2003 season at the Baer Field Speedway in Fort Wayne IN Sunday afternoon and taking his second feature win of the season was Holt MI racer Gary Fedewa.

The morning started with 27 AVSS teams checking into the crowded Baer Field pit area. In Hamilton Trucking qualifications it was Litchfield MI driver Jason Blonde setting quick time for the seventh time in 21 races this year. He went 14.834 for the $100.00 bonus. It was Denny England second quick at 14.960 and Bill Tyler third at 14.992. The United Trailers heat race win went to Ted Hines, Hank Lower took the Dowker Engines heat race and Ryan Katz picked up the Wolverine Steel heat victory. The B- Main was dropped in favor of starting all 24 cars in the feature.

The 30 lap main event had the top ten qualifiers being inverted for the final feature of the season. This place rookie Nathan Bevard and veteran Gary Fedewa on the front row. The vocal crowd cheered on all 24 starters as they saluted the crowd with the AVSS three-wide salute. The race started with G.Fedewa taking the early lead. On lap four Hank Lower moved in to the runnerup position and put the pressure on Fedewa the entire race. There was a couple of minor cautions for spinning cars and one major accident on lap 15 when Kevin Feeney and Danny Williams JR got together in turn four. It took great driving skill by many of the AVSS drivers to avoid the cars and eventually three others cars were involved. A red flag was thrown to aid with clean up and only Williams and Billy Wease was not able to continue.

The race restarted with Lower seriously putting pressure on G.Fedewa and actually getting along side of him on a couple of occasions. The three time AVSS champion was not to be stopped in taking his second feature win of the year in the AVSS finale for 2003. The Holt MI racer thanked Butch Dowker, McClures Pub, Annie Rae Chevrolet and all of his other crew and car owner T&T Promotions. The top ten finishers were G.Fedewa, Lower, Troy Underwood, Brian Lay, Ryan Katz, Tom Fedewa, Jimmy McCune, Jason Blonde, Bill Tyler and Denny England. The Suspension Spring Specialist Driver of the race was Curt Shumaker.

The officials of AVSS would like to thank Tom Isch and Dick Beebe for getting this fall finale in for AVSS and look forward to more great racing at the Fort Wayne ½ mile in 2004. The AVSS banquet is the final event in 2003 and it will be held November 1, in Lansing MI at the Holiday Inn south convention center. The official website of AVSS is for more information about the fastest short track cars on pavement in the world.


Hamilton Trucking Qualifications- 1. 55 Jason Blonde 14.834 2. 84 Denny England 14.960 3. 44j Bill Tyler 14.992 4. 4 Troy Underwood 15.025 5. 81 Billy Wease 15.026 6. 45 Brian Lay 15.035 7. 65 Danny Williams JR 15.062 8. 37 Hank Lower 15.066 9. 42 Gary Fedewa 15.110 10. 69 Nathan Bevard 15.111 11. 20 Tom Fedewa 15.117 12. 19 Jimmy McCune 15.120 13. 6 Ted Hines 15.174 14. 4B Rick Baker 15.258 15. 35 Ryan Katz 15.286 16. 11 Curt Shumaker 15.300 17. 61 Tim Cox 15.322 18. 33 Kevin Feeney 15.393 19. JB Johnboy Hotchkiss 15.408 20. 92 George Gustafson 15.414 21. 10k Ron Koehler 15.446 22. 26 Jeff Bloom 15.465 23. 8 Ryan Davis 15.530 24. 35k Ray Kenens 15.707 25. 10x John Witter N.T. 26. 14 Dave Baumgartner N.T. 27. 61EJ E.J. Calloway N.T.

United Trailers heat- 1. Hines 2. Shumaker 3. Blonde 4. Bloom 6. Hotchkiss 7. Bevard 8. Williams JR

Dowker Engines heat- 1. Lower 2. T.Fedewa 3. Baker 4. Cox 5. England 6. Wease 7. Davis 8. Gustafson

Wolverine Steel heat- 1. Katz 2. Feeney 3. McCune 4. Lay 5. G.Fedewa 6.Tyler 7. Koehler 8. Kenens

A-Main 30 laps- 1. G.Fedewa 2. Lower 3. Underwood 4. Lay 5. Katz 6. T.Fedewa 7. McCune 8. Blonde 9. Tyler 10. England 11. Hines 12. Shumaker 13. Cox 14. Bloom 15. Baker 16. Hotchkiss 17. Koehler 18. Bevard 19. Feeney 20. Gustafson 21. Kenens 22. Williams JR 23. Wease 24. Davis