Bill Tyler Grabs Checkers at Auto City

By Duane Turner

Flint, Mich. (June 12, 2004) –
Bill Tyler from Parma, MI took the lead on the opening lap, and was able to hold off furious charges in the late stages to grab his first victory of the 2004 Racing Season. “We knew we had to get by Jason (Blonde) on the start, or he was going to be tough to beat”, stated Tyler in victory lane. “We did get the jump, but lapped traffic seemed to be two and three wide towards the end. I was not sure what was going to happen. It is great to be back after the year we had last year.”

Jason Blonde would lead the 21 car field down to the green flag with Tyler alongside. The duo raced side by side into turn one, but Tyler grabbed the lead on the outside of turn two, to lead the field after the opening lap. The action heated up quickly as Mike Ling, and Brian Lay would race for second with Blonde until lap six when the leaders entered lapped traffic. Ling was able to get past Blonde one lap later, and set his sights on Tyler who had begun to pull away. The front three would race nose to tail until lap 12 when Brian Lay moved in to race side by side with Blonde for the third position. On lap 16, Lay would get loose coming out of turn four, smoking the right rear tire, and losing a position to fast timer Lee Boss. Two laps later, Lay would again get loose in four, losing two position to Curt Shumaker, and Ryan Katz. Lap 20, Boss would move past Blonde for third, as Tyler encountered lapped traffic that was two, and three wide. This allowed Ling, Boss and Blonde to close in on the leader, making a four car battle for the lead.

As the front four worked their way though the lapped cars, the crowd rose to their feet for a better view of the heated racing action. Tyler, Ling, and Boss would pull away from Blonde through the back markers as the laps began to wind down. With only two remaining, Ling was able to pull to the outside of Tyler, but was blocked by a lapped car as the duo entered turn three. As the white flag waived, the top three were nose to tail racing into turn one. One last lapped car would prove to be the deciding factor in the race as Tyler was able to keep the bottom of the race track and grab his first A-main of the 2004 season. A time of 6:32.882 seconds is all it took to run 30 laps around the 7/16 mile oval of Auto City Speedway. Ling, Boss, Blonde and Shumaker would round out the top five, while Ryan Katz, Lay, Hank Lower, Gary Fedewa, and Jimmy McCune rounded out the top 10.

Lee Boss set fast time during the Hamilton Trucking Time Trials. The United Trailers Heat Race went to Brian Lay, with Nick Landon grabbing the Dowker Engines Heat Race. Mike Ling would take the Hoosier Racing Tire Heat Race. Ryan Katz earned the Hard Charger award by passing seven cars in route to his six place finish. Up next for the Auto Value/ Bumper to Bumper Super Sprints is a trip to the “Fastest Short Track Show in the World” at Toledo Speedway on Friday, June 18. Then a trip over to Baer Field Speedway on Saturday, June 19. For more information, log onto the official AVSS web site at


Hamilton Trucking Time Trials: 1) 8m Lee Boss 13.101 (120.229 mph) 2) 71 Curt Shumaker 13.170 3) 99 Mike Ling 13.300 4) 20 Brian Lay 13.301 5) 24 Bill Tyler 13.352 6) 61 Jason Blonde 13.402 7) 42 Gary Fedewa 13.434 8) 37 Hank Lower 13.545 9) 18 Shane Butler 13.549 10) 14 Dave Baumgartner 13.584 11) 4 Troy Underwood 13.689 12) 19 Jimmy McCune 13.701 13) 35 Ryan Katz 13.702 14) 3a Mike Astrauskas 13.750 15) 10 Tim Cox 13.861 16) 61f Tom Fedorczyk 13.889 17) 82 Nick Landon 14.236 18) 7 Tyler Underwood 14.295 19) 11 E.J. Calloway 14.509 20) 69 Aaron Katz 16.800 21) 33 Kevin Feeney n/t

United Trailers Heat #1 (1:54.000): 1) Brian Lay 2) Tom Fedorczyk 3) Lee Boss 4) Ryan Katz 5) E.J. Calloway 6) Gary Fedewa 7) Dave Baumgartner

Dowker Engines Heat #2 (No Time): 1) Nick Landon 2) Curt Shumaker 3) Hank Lower 4) Bill Tyler 5) Mike Astrauskas 6) Troy Underwood 7) Aaron Katz

Hoosier Racing Tire Heat #3 (1:50.309): 1) Mike Ling 2) Jimmy McCune 3) Jason Blonde 4) Tim Cox 5) Tyler Underwood 6) Shane Butler (dns) 7) Kevin Feeney (dns)

Auto Value/ Bumper to Bumper Super Sprints A-Main, 30 Laps (6:32.887): 1) Bill Tyler 2) Mike Ling 3) Lee Boss 4) Jason Blonde 5) Curt Shumaker 6) Ryan Katz 7) Brian Lay 8) Hank Lower 9) Gary Fedewa 10) Jimmy McCune 11) Shane Butler 12) Troy Underwood 13) Mike Astrauskas 14) Tim Cox 15) Tom Fedorczyk 16) Kevin Feeney 17) Dave Baumgartner 18) Aaron Katz 19) Nick Landon 20) Tyler Underwood

Lap Leaders: Bill Tyler 1-30

Hamilton Trucking Fast Time Award: Lee Boss 13.101 (120.229 mph)

Hard Charger: Ryan Katz +7