Brian Lay Captures Win at Dixie from Deep in the Pack

By Duane Turner

BIRCH RUN, Mich. (July 2, 2004) –
Brian Lay from Toledo, OH took his first win of 2004 aboard the Katz Well Drilling #20 by passing early leader Dave Baumgartner on lap 13, then leaving the rest of the field to fight for second. “That is the way to get it done!” Stated an elated Lay from Victory Lane. “I love this place (Dixie Motor Speedway), it is racey, and I hope we put on a great show for the fans! I really need to thank Brendan and Shelly (Mike Shellenberger), these guys set the car up and I could drive it anywhere on the track.” Lay was aboard the Mike Katz owned Dowker Chassis with Dowker power under the hood. Katz Well Drilling, Gymer Chiropractic, Robin’s Nest Banquet Hall, Gary Fields Comedy Club, and Algeria Screen Printing are the sponsors on the #20.

Dorman Snyder subbing for Mike Ling in the Wayne Stickney owned #99 lead the field down to the green flag for the 30 lap A-main. Dave Baumgartner got the early jump and lead Snyder by a nose going into turn one, but Snyder took the bottom and lead the field coming out of turn two. Baumgartner then went to the bottom side and dove under Snyder going into turn three and the duo raced side by side through turns three and four with Baumgartner gaining the advantage at the end of the first lap. As the leaders entered turn one, Brian Lay had gained four positions on the opening lap.

With Baumgartner setting the early pace and Snyder close behind, Curt Shumaker settled into third with Lee Boss in fourth. On lap two, Lay moved past Boss for fourth, and one lap later moved past Shumaker to take over third. Overall, Lay passed six cars in the opening three laps. Caution waved on lap six for 16 year old Tyler Underwood as he spun in turn one.

The lap six restart had Baumgartner followed by Snyder, Lay, Boss, and Shumaker in the top five. Two laps later, Underwood would spin again in turn one, ending his evening. The restart would remain the same as two laps prior, but this restart, Lay and Boss would slide by Snyder to take over second and third. Back in the pack, three cars began to inch their way forward. Bill Tyler, Jason Blonde, and Ryan Katz had moved into the top seven and looked to make a run for the front.

On lap 12, Lay closed in on race leader Baumgartner. Then, on the next lap, Lay moved to the highside to make the pass in turn three to take the top position. Two laps later, Boss would move past Baumgartner to take over second, and Snyder would slip past to take third one lap later. Lap 17 was the downfall of the #81 of Baumgartner as he fell four positions back to seventh.

Caution would wave once again on lap 19 for George Gustafson who spun in turn four. The restart had Lay out front, followed by Boss, Snyder, Tyler, and Katz who had charged from a 10th starting position. As the green fell, Lay took off and left the rest of the field to battle for second on back. Boss would hold on to second, but some cars from back in the pack had inched their way forward. The final caution waved on lap 26 for Gustafson as he spun in turn two ending his evening. Under caution, a tire went down on the #8m machine of Boss sending him pitside.

As the field formed up to the final restart, AVSS officials had to discuss the possibility of a red flag fuel stop, but the total lap count was still within the limits, and the fans came to see a race. Lay lead the field down, with Snyder, Katz, Tyler, and Blonde in the top five. Snyder would be the first casualty of the caution flags as he was running out of fuel over the last two laps dropping him back to the sixth position at the finish. Lay would cross the line with his first win in 2004, with team mate Katz in second, followed by Tyler, Blonde, and Jeff Bloom in the top five. Snyder wound up sixth with Shumaker, Shane Butler, Hank Lower, and Kevin Feeney to round out the top 10.

22 Auto Value/ Bumper to Bumper sprint cars made the tow to Dixie Motor Speedway. Troy Underwood would lose a motor in hot laps ending his evening. Gary Fedewa wound up getting into the turn four wall on his second time trial lap. Severe damage to the left front of his Dowker Chassis would cause him to miss the heat race, but a lot of hard work by members from nearly every team in the pit area would allow him to start the A-main. Bill Tyler was the Hamilton Trucking fast qualifier, while Jason Blonde, Tyler Underwood, and Brian Lay won the heats.

Up next for the Fastest Short Track Cars in the World is a trip to Calhoun County Speedway in Springport, MI on Saturday, July 3rd. Pit gates open at 1:30, and racing gets underway at 7:00. For more information, log on to the official AVSS Web site at

Race Summary:
Hamilton Trucking Time Trials: 1) 24 Bill Tyler 12.915 (111,498 mph) 2) 33 Kevin Feeney 12.961 3) 8m Lee Boss 13.046 4) 71 Curt Shumaker 13.111 5) 81 Dave Baumgartner 13.172 6) 99 Dorman Snyder 13.189 7) 10 Shane Butler 13.236 8) 26 Jeff Bloom 13.316 9) 20 Brian Lay 13.330 10) 35 Ryan Katz 13.492 11) 7 Tyler Underwood 13.500 12) 69 Davey Brown 13.547 13) 61 Jason Blonde 13.552 14) 42 Gary Fedewa 13.584 15) Z George Gustafson 13.645 16) 37 Hank Lower 13.838 17) 8 Ryan Davis 14.061 18) 18 Stan Butler 14.188 19) 33b Johnboy Hotchkiss 14.378 20) 11 E.J. Calloway 14.406 21) 3a Mike Astrauskas 14.447 22) 4 Troy Underwood (no time)

United Trailers Heat #1 (1:50.515): 1) 61 Jason Blonde 2) 35 Ryan Katz 3) 37 Hank Lower 4) 24 Bill Tyler 5) 71 Curt Shumaker 6) 10 Shane Butler 7) 33b Johnboy Hotchkiss

Dowker Engines Heat #2 (1:52.391): 1) 7 Tyler Underwood 2) 33 Kevin Feeney 3) 26 Jeff Bloom 4) 81 Dave Baumgartner 5) 8 Ryan Davis 6) 11 E.J. Calloway 7) 42 Gary Fedewa dns

Hoosier Racing Tire Heat #3 (1:50.474): 1) 20 Brian Lay 2) Z George Gustafson 3) 69 Davey Brown 4) 8m Lee Boss 5) 99 Dorman Snyder 6) 18 Stan Butler 7) 3a Mike Astrauskas

Auto Value/ Bumper to Bumper Super Sprints A-Main, 30 Laps (no time): 1) 20 Brian Lay 2) 35 Ryan Katz 3) 24 Bill Tyler 4) 61 Jason Blonde 5) 26 Jeff Bloom 6) 99 Dorman Snyder 7) 71 Curt Shumaker 8) 10 Shane Butler 9) 37 Hank Lower 10) 33 Kevin Feeney 11) 81 Dave Baumgartner 12) 8 Ryan Davis 13) 11 E.J. Calloway 14) 18 Stan Butler 15) 8m Lee Boss 16) Z George Gustafson 17) 69 Tracy Rice 18) 42 Gary Fedewa 19) 7 Tyler Underwood 20) 33B Johnboy Hotchkiss 21) 3a Mike Astrauskas

Lap Leaders: Dave Baumgartner 1-12, Brian Lay 13-30

Hamilton Trucking Fast Time Award: Bill Tyler 12.915, 111.498 mph

Hard Charger: Jason Blonde +9