Lee Boss Nets First Win with Late Charge at Calhoun County

By Duane Turner

(July 3, 2004) –
16 year old Lee Boss from New London, OH took the lead from Curt Shumaker with only two laps remaining and then ran away with his first ever sprint car feature win. “After the red flag, I knew we had the car to get up front, if the tires did not glaze over.” Stated Boss after the victory. “I could get the car to work on the bottom, or through the middle, and it is a matter of passing people when you get the chance. I tried the outside on him (Shumaker), and he slid up the track so I dove under. I really have to thank Dick Myers. He is the whole operation with this team. Also, I need to thank my dad. They really got the car working great, and I could drive the car where I needed to be.” MPW Construction Services, Dodge Motorsports, Mar-Flex Waterproofing and Basement Products, and Dalaco Poured Wall, are the sponsors on the Hoffman built car with Gaerte Engines/ Mopar power.

AVSS championship point leader Jason Blonde would bring the 20-car field down to the drop of the green with Curt Shumaker on the outside. Blonde would lead the field by a nose into turn one, but Shumaker kept his momentum up on the top side and kept pace with Blonde as the duo raced side by side down the back straight. Heading into the third turn, Shumaker got the advantage on the high side, and would lead the opening lap. The front two stayed nose to tail during the opening stages, with Troy Underwood, Dorman Snyder, Jimmy McCune and Lee Boss close behind. On the fifth circuit, Brian Lay would spin in turn one bringing out the first caution.

The lap five restart had Shumaker still at the point, however one lap later the action was slowed again. Tyler Underwood also went for a spin in turn one. On the lap six restart, Shumaker would take off and start to increase his lead over Blonde. Now the battle was for the fourth position, as McCune would slip under Snyder to take the spot, then one lap later, Boss would use the highside to go past Snyder as well. On lap 14, the leader would start the catch the back markers, as Blonde was able to close in on the rear bumper of Shumaker for the race lead. As the front two raced nose to tail, Gary Fedewa took his sprinter back to the pit area, only to have his machine catch fire, bringing out a red flag. Fedewa was unhurt, and damage to the car was minimal.

After a short red flag period, cars were lined back up and the green was waved once again. Shumaker lead the field into turn one for the final 13 laps. Shumaker clearly had the better car off the corners and was able to increase his lead over Blonde through the next several laps. On lap 20, the focus was turned from the race for the lead to Boss, who was making passes at will on the high side of the track. Boss passed Underwood, then began a march to the front over the last six laps that had the crowd on their feet. With five to go, Boss moved to the highside of Blonde in turn one, but Blonde shut the door heading through turn two. Boss then turned the car to the bottom of the track, and made the pass heading into turn three.

By lap 27, Boss had narrowed the lead down to one car length, as Shumaker had caught the back markers once again. One lap later, Boss made the move on the high side in turn three, and was able to move past Shumaker for the lead going through turn four. Over the final two laps, Boss continued to expand his lead. At the checkers, Boss won by six car lengths, followed by Shumaker. “When I saw five (laps) to go, I knew we were in trouble.” Stated Shumaker. “I was overdriving the car. If I hit my marks, the car was OK, but if I missed just a little bit, the car was very tight. I needed the whole track, and the lapped cars really hurt us. Almost had it, but you know what, we had 26 cars here, and we will take second tonight. Bill, Tom, and Jeri really have helped me with the car, and keeping my focus.”

Blonde, Troy Underwood, and Bill Tyler rounded out the top five. McCune, Snyder, Jeff Bloom, Shane Butler from 18th, and Ryan Katz completed the top ten. Lee Boss set the Hamilton Trucking Qualifications mark at 12.458, or 108.364 miles per hour, and a new Calhoun County Speedway track record. The United Trailers Heat went to Lee Boss, the Dowker Engines Heat to Bill Tyler and the Hoosier Racing Tire Heat went to Kevin Feeney. Dennis Craft claimed the Lane Automotive B-main event. Up next for the Fastest Short Track Cars in the World is a trip to Salem, Indiana, and Salem Speedway on Saturday, July 10. Pit gates open at 1:00, qualifications at 5:30, and racing at 7:00. For more information , log on to the official AVSS web site at http://www.supersprints.com

Race Summary:
Hamilton Trucking Time Trials: 1) 8m Lee Boss 12.458 (108.364 mph) 2) 24 Bill Tyler 12.494 3) 19 Jimmy McCune 12.635 4) 26 Jeff Bloom 12.676 5) 99 Dorman Snyder 12.743 6) 4 Troy Underwood 12.779 7) 71 Curt Shumaker 12.846 8) 61 Jason Blonde 12.858 9) 20 Brian Lay 12.870 10) 81 Dave Baumgartner 12.927 11) 70 Dennis Craft 12.975 12) 42 Gary Fedewa 13.010 13) 7 Tyler Underwood 14) 35 Ryan Katz 15) 33 Kevin Feeney 13.105 16) 69 Davey Brown 13.141 17) 18 Stan Butler 13.204 18) 10 Shane Butler 13.244 19) 33B Jay Rohrback 20) 3a Mike Astrauskas 21) 6 Sondi Eden 22) 8 Ryan Davis 23) Z George Gustafson 24) 37 Hank Lower 25) E.J. Calloway 26) 11v Matt Blaisdell

United Trailers Heat #1 (1:52.373): 1) 8m Lee Boss 2) 69 Davey Brown 3) 26 Jeff Bloom 4) 81 Dave Baumgartner 5) 71 Curt Shumaker 6) 70 Dennis Craft 7) 8 Ryan Davis 8) 11 E.J. Calloway 9) 33b Jay Rohrback

Dowker Engines Heat #2 (No Time): 1) 24 Bill Tyler 2) 35 Ryan Katz 3) 61 Jason Blonde 4) 42 Gary Fedewa 5) 99 Dorman Snyder 6) 18 Stan Butler 7) 3a Mike Astrauskas 8) Z George Gustafson 9) 11v Matt blaisdell

Hoosier Racing Tire Heat #3 (1:54.382): 1) 33 Kevin Feeney 2) 19 Jimmy McCune 3) 10 Shane Butler 4) 7 Tyler Underwood 5) 4 Troy Underwood 6) 20 Brian Lay 7) 6 Sondi Eden 8) 37 Hank Lower

Lane Automotive B-main, 12 laps, top 5 to A-main (No Time): 1) 70 Dennis Craft 2) 20 Brian Lay 3) 33b Jay Rohrback 4) 18 Stan Butler 5) 3a Mike Astrauskas 6) 8 Ryan Davis 7) 6 Sondi Eden 8) 11 E.J. Calloway 9) 11v Matt Blaisdell 10) Z George Gustafson 11) 37 Hank Lower dns

Auto Value/ Bumper to Bumper Super Sprints A-Main, 30 Laps (No Time): 1) 8m Lee Boss 2) 71 Curt Shumaker 3) 61 Jason Blonde 4) 4 Troy Underwood 5) 24 Bill Tyler 6) 19 Jimmy McCune 7) 99 Dorman Snyder 8) 26 Jeff Bloom 9) 10 Shane Butler 10) 35 Ryan Katz 11) 70 Dennis Craft 12) 69 Davey Brown 13) 81 Dave Baumgartner 14) 33 Kevin Feeney 15) 18 Stan Butler 16) 20 Brian Lay 17) 33b Jay Rohrback 18) 7 Tyler Underwood 19) 42 Gary Fedewa 20) 3a Mike Astrauskas

Lap Leaders: Curt Shumaker 1-28, Lee Boss 29-30

Hamilton Trucking Fast Time Award: 8m Lee Boss 12.458 NTR (108.364 mph)

Hard Charger: Shane Butler +9