Jason Blonde Continues Winning Ways at Auto City

By Duane Turner

FLINT, Mich. (March 7, 2005) – 
Jason Blonde from Litchfield, MI picked up right where he left off in 2004, in victory lane. The 2004 AVSS Co-Champion took the lead on lap two, and pulled away lapping up to 11th place before the checkered flag flew. “Wow. What a way to start a season!” Stated Blonde. “This thing was on a rail tonight. Mo and the crew had it perfect, all I had to do was keep it straight.”

Blonde would start the 30 lap event on the inside of the front row, with fellow 2004 AVSS Co-Champion Bill Tyler right alongside. At the drop of the green, Tyler took advantage out of turn four, and would lead the field in to turn one. Blonde would keep pace, and followed Tyler through turns three and four. Tyler would lead the first lap, but Blonde quickly closed the distance and made the pass for the lead coming out of turn two. Dennis Craft was third, with Kevin Feeney in fourth. By lap five, Blonde had built a comfortable lead. Tyler, Craft, Feeney and Tyler Underwood continued to hold down the top five.

By lap 10, Blonde had closed in on lapped traffic. While the top five cars settled into a pace during the early stages, all eyes seemed to shift to AVSS rookie Cameron Dodson. After starting 20th, Dodson made the pass for 12th position on lap 11. Heading into lap 12, Blonde had encountered heavy lapped traffic. The strength of the Marv Carman owned sprint car, began to show as Blonde increased his lead as he worked his way through the lapped cars.

A change in the top five would take place on lap 12 when Tyler pulled off the racetrack when his water pump failed. On lap 15, Blonde had built up a sizable lead, with Craft, Feeney, Tyler Underwood, and Curt Shumaker in the top five. Dodson had also moved into the ninth spot after moving past John Hotchkiss in turn four.

Just past the half way mark, some cars began to make their moves. Tommy Fedewa moved past Shumaker to take over fifth, while Dodson went by Jimmy McCune for eighth. Blonde continued to increase his lead over second place Craft, Feeney, Tyler Underwood and Fedewa. On lap 18, Fedewa would get by Tyler Underwood, and one lap later move past Feeney in lapped traffic to take over third. By lap 25, Blonde had several lapped cars between himself, and second place Craft. Fedewa closed in on Craft and began a battle for the second position. Dodson continued his march forward by taking over fourth on the 26th circuit.

Two laps later, the only caution of the event appeared as two cars went spinning at opposite ends of the track. Tyler Underwood would spin in turn two while running in the sixth position. Also, Tommy Fedewa would spin in turn four while battling for second with Dennis Craft. Both cars would restart at the tail. The restart had Blonde up front after lapping up to 11th place. Blonde had six lapped cars as a cushion between himself, and second place car of Craft. However, the caution had allowed 16 year old Cameron Dodson to restart on the back bumper of Craft setting up a battle for the second position. While Blonde pulled away on the open track, Dodson moved past Craft for second on the final lap. Fedewa passed both Tyler Underwood and Curt Shumaker in turn two of the final circuit for eighth.

At the checkers, Blonde would take the opening night win. Dodson came home second after starting 20th, with Craft, Feeney, and McCune in the top five. Mike Ling, Ryan Katz, Fedewa, Shumaker, and Tyler Underwood would round out the top 10. Curt Shumaker would set fast time, with Dave Baumgartner, Troy Underwood, and Blonde taking the heat race wins.

Up next for the cars of the Auto Value/ Bumper to Bumper Super Sprints is a trip into Canada, and Delaware Speedway on Friday, May 20th. For more information on the AVSS, including the on-line store with the 2005 AVSS t-shirts, log on to the official web site at http://www.supersprints.com


Hamilton Trucking Time Trials: 1. 71 Curt Shumaker 12.921 (121.895) 2. 7 Tyler Underwood 12.930 3. 98 Kevin Feeney 12.990 4. 70 Dennis Craft 12.992 5. 24 Bill Tyler 13.001 6. 61 Jason Blonde 13.105 7. 75 John Hotchkiss 13.157 8. 37 Hank Lower 13.187 9. 42 Tommy Fedewa 13.188 10. 99 Dorman Snyder 13.189 11. 26 Jeff Bloom 13.215 12. 19 Jimmy McCune 13.228 13. 45 Brian Lay 13.228 14. 20 Mike Ling 13.245 15. 35 Ryan Katz 13.279 16. 14 Dave Baumgartner 13.298 17. 4 Troy Underwood 13.317 18. 3a Mike Astrauskas 13.592 19. 50m Cameron Dodson 13.612 20. 97 Ben Hidy 13.621 21. 34 Johnny Scherer 13.631 22. 4b Rick Baker 13.631 23. 31 Harry Parish 13.632 24. 8 Ryan Davis 13.645 25. 10 Bill Jacoby 13.672 26. 69 Tim Ryan 13.785 27. 46 Dale Wood 15.139

United Trailers Heat #1 (1:49.570), Top 5 to A-Main: 1) 14 Dave Baumgartner 2) 71 Curt Shumaker 3) 50m Cameron Dodson 4) 45 Brian Lay 5) 75 John Hotchkiss 6) 99 Dorman Snyder 7) 70 Dennis Craft 8) 10 Bill Jacoby 9) 4b Rick Baker

Dowker Engines Heat #2 (1:48.814, New 8 Lap Record): 1) 4 Troy Underwood 2) 20 Mike Ling 3) 26 Jeff Bloom 4) 24 Bill Tyler 5) 37 Hank Lower 6) 7 Tyler Underwood 7) 31 Harry Parish 8) 97 Ben Hidy 9) 69 Tim Ryan

All Pro Cylinder Heads Heat #3 (No Time): 1) 61 Jason Blonde 2) 3a Mike Astrauskas 3) 19 Jimmy McCune 4) 42 Tommy Fedewa 5) 98 Kevin Feeney 6) 8 Ryan Davis 7) 34 Johnny Scherer 8) 46 Dale Wood 9) 35 Ryan Katz

Hoosier Racing Tire B-main (No Time): 1) 7 Tyler Underwood 2) 70 Dennis Craft 3) 99 Dorman Snyder 4) 10 Bill Jacoby 5) 35 Ryan Katz 6) 8 Ryan Davis 7) 97 Ben Hidy 8) 34 Johnny Scherer 9) 69 Tim Ryan 10) 31 Harry Parish 11) 46 Dale Wood 12) 4b Rick Baker dns

Auto Value/ Bumper to Bumper Super Sprints A-Main, 30 Laps (No Time): 61 Jason Blonde 2) 50m Cameron Dodson 3) 70 Dennis Craft 4) 98 Kevin Feeney 5) 19 Jimmy McCune 6) 20 Mike Ling 7) 35 Ryan Katz 8) 42 Tommy Fedewa 9) 71 Curt Shumaker 10) 7 Tyler Underwood 11) 26 Jeff Bloom 12) 45 Brian Lay 13) 75 John Hotchkiss 14) 37 Hank Lower 15) 14 Dave Baumgartner 16) 69 Tim Ryan 17) 99 Dorman Snyder 18) 10 Bill Jacoby 19) 3a Mike Astrauskas 20) 24 Bill Tyler 21) 4 Troy Underwood

Lap Leaders: Bill Tyler 1, Jason Blonde 2-30

KSE Hard Charger: Cameron Dodson +18

Hamilton Trucking Fast Time: Curt Shumaker 12.921 (121.895)

Owens Petroleum Rookie of the Race: Cameron Dodson

Saldana Racing Products Award: Troy Underwood

Suspension Spring Specialist Blue Coil Spring Winner: Mike Astrauskas

Provisional Starter: Tim Ryan

1) Jason Blonde 82 2) Cameron Dodson 78 3) Kevin Feeney 75 3) Dennis Craft 75 5) Curt Shumaker 74 6) Jimmy McCune 72 7) Mike Ling 72 8) Tyler Underwood 68 8) Tommy Fedewa 68 10) Ryan Katz 67