Hud Cone Steals Win at Salem

By Duane Turner

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (July 9, 2005) –
Hud Cone from Oakland City, IN stole his first career AVSS win by leading every lap on the ultra-fast 1/2 mile. “We have been close here a few times.” Stated the jubilant driver in front of his hometown crowd. “We are glad to get one for all the fans here who have cheered for me each time.”

Dennis Craft and Cone would bring the field down to take the green flag. The front duo raced side by side into turn one, and both drivers refused to concede the top position through the first two corners. Cone pulled ahead slightly down the back chute, and used the preferred high line through three and four to take the early advantage. Craft stayed close behind with Troy Underwood and Jason Blonde in tow as they crossed the line for the first time. At the conclusion of the first lap, series point leader Cameron Dodson exited the speedway with a driveline failure that plagued the team all night.

Cone began to pull away early in the race, leaving Craft, Underwood, and Blonde to battle for the second position. Jeff Bloom exited the track on lap six ending his evening. Two laps later, Cone had built a 1/4 lap lead and was now working lapped traffic. Craft would close in slightly, but Cone was equal to the challenge and passed the back markers at will. From lap nine to lap 15 Cone had built a 1/2 track lead as Craft, Underwood and Blonde would battle each other as well as lapped traffic. On lap 21, the yellow flag would wave as Shane Butler would spin in turn four as the result of a flat tire. Johnny Scherer would also exit with a flat tire.

The restart would have Cone out front with five lapped cars between him and the second place car of Craft. Disaster would strike as the field came out of turn two. Craft, Underwood and Blonde were trying to make their way through the lapped cars to get to Cone, but Craft had the check up in the lapped traffic. This caused a chain reaction as Underwood slowed, and Blonde jumped the right rear wheel of Underwood sending Blonde into the outside wall. As Blonde came down off the outside wall, Ben Hidy had no where to go, bouncing off of Blonde and very hard into the inside wall. Hidy would completely destroy the front end of his car ending his night, and possibly his season.

Without a lap being complete, this allowed the cars of Butler and Scherer to return to the speedway after changing tires. Blonde also went pit side and would return after the crew removed the nose wing. The final restart had three lapped cars remaining between Cone and Craft. Cone once again took off leaving Craft, and Underwood to battle the lapped cars. At this stage, Dorman Snyder and Tommy Fedewa joined the battle for the second position. Troy Underwood would attempt to dive to the bottom of turn four for several laps but would not be able to make the pass on Craft. Butler and Blonde, who restarted at the tail began to make their way back to the front. By lap 28, Cone had rebuilt a 1/4 lap lead. Craft, Underwood, Snyder and Fedewa were in a fight for positions two through five, as Mike Ling, Butler, Bill Tyler and Blonde began to race for the sixth position.

As Cone took the checkered flag for his first AVSS win, Craft held on for second with Troy Underwood, Snyder and Fedewa all very close in the top five. Positions six through nine were very close as well with Ling, Butler, Blonde and Bill Tyler. Tyler Underwood would finish by himself in the 10th spot. Tommy Fedewa would set fast time, with Bill Tyler, Dennis Craft and Cameron Dodson take heat race wins. Up next for the fastest short track cars in the world, is the final visit of the season at Auto City Speedway in Clio, Michigan. The stars and cars of the AVSS with take to Auto City on Saturday, July 16. Gates open at 2:30, qualifications at 5:00 and racing at 7:00. For more information of the AVSS, visit the official web site at

Event Summery, Salem Speedway July 9, 2005

Hamilton Trucking Time Trials: 1) 42 Tommy Fedewa 14.611 2) 20 Mike Ling 14.660 3) 26 Jeff Bloom 14.763 4) 99 Dorman Snyder 14.793 5) 4 Troy Underwood 14.892 6) 61 Jason Blonde 14.926 7) 99c Hud Cone 14.975 8) 70 Dennis Craft 15.001 9) 10 Shane Butler 15.035 10) 24 Bill Tyler 15.355 11) 7 Tyler Underwood 15.620 12) 31 Harry Parish 15.997 13) 8 Ryan Davis 16.052 14) 69 Tim Ryan 16.243 15) 34 Johnny Scherer 16.472 16) 99x E.J. Calloway 16.655 17) 97 Ben Hidy 16.776 18) 50m Cameron Dodson n/t

United Trailers Heat #1 (2:04.625): 1) 24 Bill Tyler 2) 99 Dorman Snyder 3) 42 Tommy Fedewa 4) 99c Hud Cone 5) 8 Ryan Davis 6) 99x E.J. Calloway

Dowker Engines Heat #2 (No Time): 1) 70 Dennis Craft 2) 20 Mike Ling 3) 4 Troy Underwood 4) 7 Tyler Underwood 5) 97 Ben Hidy 6) 69 Tim Ryan

All Pro Cylinder Heads Heat #3 (2:06.553): 1) 50m Cameron Dodson 2) 10 Shane Butler 3) 61 Jason Blonde 4) 31 Harry Parish 5) 34 Johnny Scherer 6) 26 Jeff Bloom

Auto Value/ Bumper to Bumper Super Sprints A-Main, 30 Laps (No Time): 1) 99c Hud Cone 2) 70 Dennis Craft 3) 4 Troy Underwood 4) 99 Dorman Snyder 5) 42 Tommy Fedewa 6) 20 Mike Ling 7) 10 Shane Butler 8) 61 Jason Blonde 9) 24 Bill Tyler 10) 7 Tyler Underwood 11) 31 Harry Parish 12) 34 Johnny Scherer 13) 69 Tim Ryan 14) 8 Ryan Davis 15) 97 Ben Hidy 16) 26 Jeff Bloom 17) 99 E.J. Calloway 18) 50m Cameron Dodson Lap by Lap Scoring

Lap Leaders: Hud Cone 1-30

KSE Hard Charger: Tommy Fedewa

Hamilton Trucking Fast Time: Tommy Fedewa 14.611

Owens Petroleum Rookie of the Race: Harry Parish

Saldana Racing Products Award: Jason Blonde

Suspension Spring Specialist Blue Coil Spring Winner: Tim Ryan

Weld Wheels Award Winner: Tyler Underwood