Ryan Litt Scores First Career Win at Delaware Speedway

By Duane Turner

LYONS, Ontario, Canada. (June 9, 2006) –
Ryan Litt from Lyons, Ontario, Canada held off a late race charge by Chad Goff to claim his first career AVSS feature win. “This is definitely the biggest win for me. This is my first sprint car win, and we got it on my home track so it makes it even bigger.” Stated Litt in the Delaware Speedway victory lane. “I know this track pretty good, but I did not expect to win. I just tried not to get nervous, or to pressure myself. Just be laid back in the car, and do what I am use to doing. It paid off I guess.”

AVSS veteran and former champion Bill Tyler would start the 30-lap contest on the pole position with A.J. Lane alongside. As the field roared down the front straight and into turn one, a couple cars made contact forcing some others to check up. Harry Parish was left with no where to go, and jumped a wheel of another sprint car sending him into the front stretch wall. Parish would not be able to continue.

On the second attempt, Tyler jumped out to the early lead. Lane setteled into second with Ryan Litt right behind. Jeff Bloom and Tommy Fedewa completed the top five after the opening lap. Fast qualifier Chad Goff made his presence felt early when he passed Fedewa on the second lap to take over fifth. On lap eight, the leaders began to enter lapped traffic which bunched the top six positions nose to tail. On lap 10, the caution came out as Ben Hidy would spin in turn four.

On the lap 10 restart, Lane closed in on Tyler for the lead. As the duo entered turn three, Tyler pushed up the racetrack, allowing Lane to pull alongside. Tyler would get the bite coming out of turn four, and pulled back into the lead down the front straight. Lane made another move to the inside of Tyler in turn one, but Tyler was already there, and the leaders made contact sending both cars for a spin in turn two. With the leaders spinning, fourth place Bloom, and eighth place Troy Underwood would get together as they tried to avoid the carnage. Both cars would be done for the evening.

With the first, second, fourth and eight place cars involved, Litt would aquire the lead with Goff, Fedewa, Hank Lower, and Mike Ling in the top five. The lap 11 restart had Litt getting a huge jump over Goff. Fedewa kept pace with Goff, as Curt Shumaker made a pass to take over the fifth position. One lap later, Lower would spin in turn one, breaking a shock ending his evening. During the caution period, fifth place Mike Ling would take the Tracy Rice owned #10 pit side ending his race.

The restart had Litt up front, with Goff, Fedewa, Shumaker and Jimmy McCune in the top five. As Litt took the green flag, he once again began to pull away from second place running Goff. The battle for fourth heated up as McCune made a move past Shumaker on lap 14. As the laps began to wind down, Goff began to close in on the race leader. With five laps to go, Goff pulled up to Litt’s rear bumper as the duo raced through lapped traffic. Over the course of the final four laps, Litt was able to maintain his lead and bring home his first career win. Goff, Fedewa, McCune, and Shumaker were the top five. Jason Blonde, Tim Ryan, A.J. Lane, Bill Tyler and Dennis Craft would round out the top 10.

Rookie of the Year contender Chad Goff scored his first Hamilton Trucking fast time award with a time of 16.121. 111.656 miles per hour, or 179.696 kilometers per hour. Harry Parish, Bill Tyler and Dennis Craft took the heat race wins. For more information the the Auto Value/ Bumper to Bumper Super Sprints, log on to the official web site at www.supersprints.com

Race Summary:

Hamilton Trucking Time Trials: 1) 9 Chad Goff 16.121 (111.656 mph) 2) 4 Troy Underwood 16.182 3) 37 Hank Lower 16.221 4) 26 Jeff Bloom 16.250 ) 42 Tommy Fedewa 16.282 6) 07 Ryan Litt 16.285 7) 84 A.J. Lane 16.314 8) 24 Bill Tyler 16.323 9) 71 Curt Shumaker 16.355 10) 10 Mike Ling 16.361 11) 55 Jason Blonde 16.400 12) 19 Jimmy McCune 16.400 13) 8 Ryan Davis 16.782 14) 87 Landon Hidy 16.849 15) 70 Dennis Craft 16.964 16) 31 Harry Parish 16.972 7) 69 Tim Ryan 16.995 18) 7 Tyler Underwood 17.095 19) 97 Ben Hidy 17.282 20) 20 Aaron Katz 17.329 21) 35 Mike Katz 17.346 22) 34 Johnny Scherer 17.964 23) 57 Brian Welch 18.641

United Trailers Heat Race 1 (2:16.342): 1) 31 Harry Parish 2) 10 Mike Ling 3) 84 A.J. Lane 4) 8 Ryan Davis 5) 26 Jeff Bloom 6) 9 Chad Goff 7) 34 Johnny Scherer 8) 97 Ben Hidy

Dowker Engines Heat Race 2 (no time) 1) 24 Bill Tyler 2) 69 Tim Ryan 3) 42 Tommy Fedewa 4) 4 Troy Underwood 5) 55 Jason Blonde 6) 20 Aaron Katz 7) 57 Brian Welch 8) 87 Landon Hidy

Access Mortgage and Financial Heat Race 3 (2:17.253): 1) 70 Dennis Craft 2) 71 Curt Shumaker 3) 19 Jimmy McCune 4) 37 Hank Lower 5) 07 Ryan Litt 6) 7 Tyler Underwood 7) 35 Mike Katz

Auto Value/ Bumper to Bumper A-Main: 1) 07 Ryan Litt 2) 9 Chad Goff 3) 42 Tommy Fedewa 4) 19 Jimmy McCune 5) 71 Curt Shumaker 6) 55 Jason Blonde 7) 69 Tim Ryan 8) 84 A.J. Lane 9) 24 Bill Tyler 10) 70 Dennis Craft 11) 7 Tyler Underwood 12) 34 Johnny Scherer 13) 20 Aaron Katz 14) 97 Ben Hidy 15) 87 Landon Hidy 16) 57 Brian Welch 17) 37 Hank Lower 18) 10 Mike Ling 19) 26 Jeff Bloom 20) 4 Troy Underwood 21) 35 Mike Katz 22) 8 Ryan Davis 23) 31 Harry Parish