Helberg Wins Rain-Shortened Kalamazoo Event

By Duane Turner

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (June 4, 2012) –
The Auto Value Super Sprints opened the 2012 season at Kalamazoo Speedway on June 2nd with 20 cars in the pits. It seemed like the Sprints were racing the weather as much as the fast Kalamazoo Speedway all evening.

The day began with practice and found the #20k of Kyle Flint in the wall with a stuck throttle. Flint was ok, but unable to continue. Qualifiying saw a very competitive session with 11 cars in the ten second bracket, well over 120 miles per hour on the 3/8 mile! Jason Cox out of Illinois took quick time.

The heat races, again racing the weather, saw great action without caution, with all three going green to checkered. Heat one had a top three of Jeff Bloom, Jason Cox and Rookie of the Year contender, Ryan Gillenwater. The second heat had Tanner Swanson out of California winning in the Speed Chaser’s # 64, followed by Dorman Snyder and Kalamazoo’s Randy Sweet. The third heat had Jason Blonde taking the top spot followed by Ryan Litt out of Canada and Bill Tyler.

With rain again threatening, the Super Sprints decided to cancel their traditional three abreast parade lap and move right into their race formation. The front row of Tyler and Sweet lead the field to the green. There was lots of fast paced action all over the track with the drivers trying to get the most out of the cars before the rain moved in. JoJo Helberg in the 7h, Cox and Troy DeCaire were working their way through the field and eventually made it to the front. Derek Snyder brought out the races only caution when he connected with the 70 of Sondi Eden. After the caution, the Super Sprints made it to 45 laps before a heavy rain came and the race was called. Helberg, out of California, took the checkered flag followed by fast qualifier Jason Cox and Florida’s Troy DeCaire. Impressively, 11 cars were still on the lead lap at the end of the feature and 14 out of the 19 cars to take the green flag were still running at the end of the race.

The Super Sprints will be back in action on Friday, June 15th at the “Fastest Short Track Show in the World”, when AVSS teams up with the Midwest Super Modified Assn. at Toledo Speedway. Check supersprints.com for more details.

Kalamazoo Speedway Qualifying 6/2/12 1.) 40 Jason Cox 10:41 2.) 7H Jo Jo Helberg 10:49 3.) 42 Ryan Litt 10:66 4.) 22 Derek Snyder 10:10:72 5.) 14 Dorman Snyder 10:76 6.) 7s Joe Swanson 10:77 7.) 70 Sondi Eden 10:78 8.) 1 Randy Sweet 10:78 9.) 24 Bill Tyler 10:84 10.) 45 Ryan Gillenwater 10:94 11.) 7 Troy DeCaire 10:96 12.) 99 Jason Blonde 11:03 13.)26 Jeff Bloom 11:05 14.) 64 Tanner Swanson 11:14 15.) 3A Mike Astrauskas 11:18 16.) 46 Jim Swain 11:23 17.) 6K Kyle Feeney 11:46 18.) O Doug Dietsch 11:58 19.) 61 Kevin Feeney 11:64 20.) 20K Kyle Flintt (No Time)

Kalamazoo Heat Race Results 6/2/12

Heat 1
1.) 26 Jeff Bloom 2.)40 Jason Cox 3.) 45 Ryan GillenwaterHeat

Heat 2
1.) 64 Tanner Swanson 2.) 14C Dorman Snyder 3.)1 Randy SweetHeat

Heat 3
1.) 99 Jason Blonde 2.) 42 Ryan Litt 3.)24 Bill Tyler

Kalamazoo Speedway Feature results 6/2/121.) 7H Jo JO Helberg 2.) 40 Jason Cox 3.) 7 Troy DeCaire 4.) 24 Bill tyler 5.) 42 Ryan Litt 6.) 7s Joe Swanson 7.) 99 Jason Blonde 8.) 1 Randy Sweet 9.) 45 Ryan Gillenwater 10.)64 Tanner Swanson 11.) 26 Jeff Bloom 12.) 6 Kyle Feeney 13.) 46 Jim Swain 14.)61 Kevin Feeney 15.) 22 Derek Snyder 16.) 70 Sondi Eden 17.)3A Mike Astrauskas 18.)0 Doug Dietsch

The 50 Lapper was shortened to 45 due to rain.