Jason Blonde Captures Berlin Victory

By Duane Turner

MARNE, Mich. (July 21, 2012) –
Jason Blonde from Litchfield, MI grabbed his first Auto Value Bumper to Bumper Super Sprints win of 2012 by taking advantage of late race cautions. Blonde inherited the lead when a flat tire, and restart infractions plagued the top three cars all on the same restart.

Ryan Litt and Troy DeCaire would lead the field down to the green flag to start the 30 lap event. Litt and DeCaire would race side by side for the top position when Litt was finally able to grab the spot in turn four. DeCaire would settle in to second, with Teddy Alberts, and Geoff Kaiser in tow. By lap six, the front runners would enter lapped traffic, making for a heated battle for lead. DeCaire would close in on Litt, making a low side pass for the lead in heavy lapped traffic on lap 12. This would allow Alberts and Kaiser to close in on the lead duo, making it a four car battle for the race lead.

A couple laps later, Kaiser would get the best of Alberts making a pass for the third position on lap 14. The top four cars continued to stay close, and work the lapped traffic. By the 23rd lap, the top three were again nose to tail. Race leader DeCaire appeared to slow his pace over the final 10 laps with a loose race car. On lap 25, Kaiser would get a nose under Litt for the second position making the pass low in turn three.

On lap 26, the first caution would appear grouping the top four cars together for a final four lap dash to the finish. DeCaire, Kaiser, Litt and now Jason Blonde who moved in to fourth just a few laps prior. On the restart, Kaiser and Litt would lag back trying to get a jump on the race leader when the green flag flew. AVSS officials quickly made a call on both cars for this infraction. The restart procedures were explained earlier in the day during the drivers meeting along with the penalty. Under AVSS rules, the penalty is handed out at the next caution, or the finish of the race, whichever comes first. While the
race resumed, DeCaire would lose the top position with a right rear tire going flat. This would move Kaiser, and Litt in to the first and second positions, but a two position penalty still needed to be enforced.

As Kaiser would cross under the white flag, caution would wave for the stopped car of DeCaire with a flat right rear tire. Under this caution period, Kaiser, and Litt would both be penalized for the previous restart. Kaiser would comply and move back to the third position, however Litt would continue to defy AVSS officials, resulting in Litt being black flagged. With the penalties handed down, Blonde would inherit the lead, with Alberts second, and Kaiser in third. When the green waved again, Alberts would drop low, stopping on the front stretch running out of fuel.

On the final restart, Blonde would have one lapped car between him and second place running Kaiser. As the leader took the green, Kaiser quickly disposed of the lapped car, and would close in on Blonde. Kaiser would make a bid for the lead on the last corner of the race, but would come up short. Blonde grabbed the win, with Kaiser a close second. Jeff Bloom would settle for third, with Kevin Feeney and Sondi Eden rounding out the top five.

Kevin Feeney would set quick time with a 13.160 second lap, earning bonuses from Hamilton Trucking, Touch of Class Auto Wash and Modern Office Interiors. Randy Sweet, Jason Blonde and Chris Neuenschwander would take the heat race wins. Up next for the Auto Value Bumper to Bumper Super Sprints is the second visit to Dixie Motor Speedway on Friday, August 3rd. For more information on the AVSS, visit their official website at www.supersprints.com or their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/avbbss.

Berlin Speedway 7-21-12

Time Trials:
1) 61 Kevin Feeney 13.160 2) 22 Derek Snyder 13.200 3) 7S Joe Swanson 13.333 4) 24 Bill Tyler 13.360 5) 7 Geoff Keiser 13.385 6) 70 Sondi Eden 13.433 7) 44 Ted Alberts 13.463 8) 26 Jeff Bloom 13.595 9) 10 Troy DeCaire 13.614 10) 42 Ryan Litt 13.690 11) 99 Jason Blonde 13.701 12) 4 Donnie Adams Jr 13.862 13) 3A Mike Astrauskus 14.084 14) 37 Hank Lower 14.137 15) 20k Kyle Flint 14.156 16)1S Randy Sweet 14.320 17) 61K Kyle Feeney 14.326 18) 1 Chris Neuenschwander 14.388 19) 6K Jay Rourback 14.650 20) 18 Jim Sheets 14.702 21) 0X Doug Dytsch 14.792 22) 1X Ron Kohler 16.830 23) 3 Phil Rutledge 18.229 24) 66 Doug Stepke (NT) 25) 9 Jason Fuller (NT)

Heat 1:
1) 1s Randy Sweet 2) 61 Kevin Feeney 3) 44 Tedd Alberts 4) 24 Bill Tyler 5) 42 Ryan Litt 6) 6k Jay Rourback 7)3A Mike Astraskus 8) 1X Ron Kohler

Heat 2:
1) 99 Jason Blonde 2) 7 Geoff Keiser 3) 26 Jeff Bloom 4) Derek Snyder 5) 37 Hank Lower 6) 61K Kyle Feeney 7) 18 Jim Sheets

Heat 3:
1) 1 Chris Neuenschwander 2) 20k Kyle Flint 3) 10 Troy Decaire 4) 70 Sondi Eden 5) 4 Donnie Adams, Jr 6) 7s Joe Swanson 7) 0 Doug Dytsch

30 Lap A-Main:
1) 99 Jason Blonde 2) 7 Geoff Kaiser 3) 26 Jeff Bloom 4) 61 Kevin Feeney 5) 70 Sondi Eden 6) 10 Troy DeCaire 7) 7S Joe Swanson 8) 24 Bill Tyler 9) 22 Derek Snyder 10) 1 Randy Sweet 11) 20k Kyle Flint 12) 61K Kyle Feeney 13) 1N Chris Newanschwander 14) 42 Ryan Litt 15) 44 Teddy Alberts 16) 18 Jim Sheets 17) 0X Doug Dietsch 18) 4 Donnie Adams 19) 37 Hank Lower 20) 6K Jau Rohrback 21) 1X Ron Kohler 22) 3 Mike Astraskus