An Inside Look - Teddy Alberts

Teddy Alberts
Hometown: Kent City, MI
Car Owner/Crew: Wolverine Racing, Inc. Crew-Dick Alberts, Lou Sabin, Jr., Jeremy Noel and Sandy Alberts
Chassis/Engine: Wolverine Chassis house car, Bailey Racing Engines Chevy 410
Sponsors: Enterprise Iron and Metal, Nick Finks, Benson Speed Equipment, RAM Engineering, Bailey Racing Engines, Trinity Lutheran Church in Conklin, MI, Horvath Design, Bell Helmets, Simpson,

1) How did you get started in sprints/who helped you get there?
I have always been around racing. Dad has owned and built Midgets for over 40 years, and we we raced karts together before turning to sprints. Mom has also been a big help. Without my parents I would not be where I am today. In addition to my parents, I am lucky to have had help from Lou Sabin, Jr., Jeremy Noel, Rudy Roth, Gary and Chad Burger, & Dick Myers. We bought a Dowker chassis and I used a lot of the dimensions to make our own. These people have helped me, not only at the track, but in all walks of life.

2) How choose your car number?
I chose my car number because it was the one that Dad had a great deal of success with.

3) What was first sprint car race?
My first sprint car race was at Delaware Speedway. We were late arriving, so my first laps were qualifying. We had a successful first night, even though it was very different from the karts I had driven before.

4) Toughest driver you raced against?
I can’t name the toughest driver I have raced against, but I can say that if you look over the AVSS roster over the past few years, I have raced against a lot of my heroes that I watched growing up, which is very special.

5) Sprint car hero?
I would say Jason Blonde. Jason races hard, but very clean.

6) Farthest team has traveled to a race?
We have went to Salem (IN) Speedway, which was seven hours away from home. One year we’ll get to Florida!

7) Biggest win/best race?
I won a heat race at Berlin Raceway, which is like a home track for me. It was great to do well in front of a lot of friends and family.

8) Race that got away?
I would say a feature at Berlin. We were running a smaller fuel cell and that caught up with us there one night running second. The thing about racing is, more get away than not. Our team is always learning and improving.

9) Rather race in NASCAR, Indy Car or World Of Outlaws?
Either Indy Cars or WoO. I think an Indy Car on an oval is as close to our cars as you can get. The WoO cars would be fun, maybe we can trade with some of those guys one day!

10) Favorite track to race?
I’m a big fan of Berlin and Kalamazoo, both really racy places.

11) Track most difficult to win?
I think any track smaller than 3/8 of a mile. The cars need room and length, so if someone comes from the back of the pack on a small track like M40 or South Bend, you know it was well deserved.

12) What are your 2014 plans/goals?
Right now the plan is to run the majority of the AVSS schedule, with the exception of a few races. We’ll hit a few wingless races as well, maybe a race at Berlin if the schedule permits. As with most of the teams, funding dictates where and how much we get to race.

13) Racing websites you most frequent?
I check out and

14) Track you wished had a sprint car date?
For us, it would be Berlin, I would be lying if I said I was disappointed that AVSS is not there this year. Other than that, I think Flat Rock would be a great venue.

The 2014 Auto Value Bumper to Bumper Super Sprints season kicks off Saturday, May 31 at Angola (IN) Speedway.